Fox Soccer Assigning was established to help find and develop new referees in the Sacramento area.

Contact Info

Game Card TXT #: 916-382-2813

Email:  matt@foxsoccer.guru

Cell:  1 916-730-5895


We are always looking for new talent. Contact us now for more information on becoming a soccer referee.

Already on gameofficials.net?  Join our group:

Group Number: 1400

Access Code: FSA2015

2021 Registration Renewal

Gameofficials.net Account

After you have completed your US Soccer registration, the next step is to create a gameofficials.net account so you can actually get assigned games.  To create a NEW account, go to gameofficials.net and enter 1400 for the group number and FSA2015 for the Access Code.  Continue with the registration process. 


Once the account has been created, click on "My Availability" on the left.  The system assumes you are NOT available, so you will need to let us know when you ARE available.  Click on a day and, click "All Day" and select "Available."  Click "SAVE" to save the date and that's all you need to do.

New Grassroots Referee Class Info

The US Soccer Learning Center will be the site that you use for re-registration.  Please remember your credentials.



  1. Navigate to:   https://learning.ussoccer.com/referee/  

  2. Select “Sign Up” in the upper right corner (You must be at least 13 years old to register)

  3. Enter your information



During the registration process outlined below, you will be prompted to complete a background check. This can take up to five days to process and MUST be completed before taking the course, so please complete this immediately upon sign up. These background checks will only need to be completed every other year. (Background checks from other organizations like CalNorth, US Club, etc. will not qualify.)



Our direct course link is:


If this date does not work for you, follow the steps below to find a course that does:

  1. Select “Courses” on the top navigation bar: The system will automatically load the Available Courses menu upon arrival.

  2. In the menu on the left side of the screen, select Grassroots – First-Time Referees

  3. Click “Go to Course List“

  4. Select the date/location that works best for you (field session)


Complete the online training and test requirements

  1. There are 4 assignments in the learning center

    1. Safesport training

    2. Online Grassroots Referee Course

    3. Introductions to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments

    4. Grassroots Referee Certification Quiz

  2. All Learning Center requirements must be completed at least 24 hours before the field session.


STEP 4: Field session and Badge  

  1. Attend the field session you selected

  2. Your badge will be given to you upon completion of the field session.

Please contact Matt Fox if you have any questions: matt@foxsoccer.guru

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